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    Feel and look your best with the Biote Method. Using our subcutaneous pellet approach to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, some patients report feeling symptom relief in as little as several hours or up to four weeks, but full hormone optimization may take up to six months.

    For women, having one’s hormones checked regularly will reveal whether hormones are optimized. This may help avoid hormonal imbalance in a woman’s endocrine system. The good news is that Biote’s Method of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) may help balance female hormones. Learn more about female hormones and the signs of hormonal imbalance by scheduling a complimentary consultation with our hormone therapy specialists to learn more about if pellet therapy is right for you.

    What conditions can Hormone Imbalance cause?

    When a female has a hormone imbalance in their endocrine system, they can develop symptoms that range from subtle to debilitating. This means there is either too much or too little of a woman’s hormones being produced somewhere within the endocrine system. Symptoms of a hormonal imbalance in women may include:

    • Heavy, irregular, or uncomfortable periods*
    • Decreased bone density*
    • Hot flashes and night sweats*
    • Vaginal dryness*
    • Breast tenderness*
    • Indigestion*
    • Constipation or diarrhea*

    Biote Certified Providers have consistently reported that one of the most effective methods of regaining hormonal balance they have tried is through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) pellets. Pellets can be inserted in a few minutes.

    Typically, within four to six weeks after a pellet insertion, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) begins to work. But every woman is different, and some may require additional insertions for her body to dial in and experience the best results. The pellets supply bioidentical hormones that match those produced by the body and last up to three to six months.

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